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Sports Racing Association-SRA

Launched in 2003, a vast selection of cars competed, from Chevrons & Tigas through to ACD Nardinis & VSPs. Based on international endurance racing formulae, Rules & Regulations were established, allowing this variation of race cars to compete on an equal playing field together with, suitably modified road going production cars. Sports Racing Association(SRA) came about with the input of sports car enthusiasts.It had become apparent that there was a lack of dedicated sports car events in South Africa, particularly for endurance style prototype racing. The SRA was born and has grown from strength to strength.

The strategy of the the SRA is a bottom up aproach with the focus on afforadable Club level participation. As such, the SRA may in time, be a feeder series to a National level but it is never the intention to compete or divert participants away from those who have aspirations beyond that of Club level racing. The local series is frequestly used by more serous competitors to gain additional seat time.

The SRA environment is friendly and supportive and newcomers are most welcome . Activities are mostly confined to the Gauteng province with the occasional foray to Phakisa and the Eastern Cape. Annual membership is only R500 amd membership forms are downloadable off this site.

The championship structure provides for a Class Competition and an Index Championship. Events consist of a series of Sprint races as well as one or two longer distance Endurance races. All races are scored both on Overall position as well as Index of Performance. The SRA champion is the the competitor with the most overall points for both aspects.

Members of the club do, from time to time, participate in more serious events such as the African 6 hour but these events are not part of the SRA calender nor organised by the SRA.

The SRA is an official MSA recognized association and under the umbrella of the Clubmans Association. The SRA supports the Code of Driver Conduct  of the Clubmans Association.

Can the cost of motorsport be affordable?

SRA competition rules allow for a low budget race car to be Read More...

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